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Get people coming to your company via digital avenues online and in-person. Hello SEO!

More engagement?

Increase brand awareness, and grow your target market with content that answers questions and solves problems.

More sales?

“Show me the money,” as Jerry McGuire would say. Make it really easy for people to do business with you.

Repeat Sales?

Support and nurture your customers to keep them coming back for more. Don’t let a hot customer go cold. 

Turn strangers into super-customers.

Strategy & Support For Growth

Clarity, Focus & A Plan

I am passionate about helping companies create a clear path to increased revenue with online opportunities connected to their business model.

By consistently delivering a positive customer experience across the many online touchpoints, you won’t just have people coming back for more, you’ll have them promoting and referring your company.

When you support the customer, you support your business.

It doesn’t just make sense, it’ll make dollars.

Know Thy Customer

Get to know your customers. Understand their motivations and expectations.

Understand The Journey

The customer journey is not continuous or a straight line. Keep them on the path to purchase.

Think Big

Clear the way for people to buy from you. Remove friction, improve user-experience and support the customer journey. 

Strategy Wins

Knowledge is only powerful if you use it. We evaluate, plan, execute, improve and innovate. Your customers with thank you.

Work with me

Strategy. Advice. Support.

Connecting with people is easier than it has ever been and more complicated.

There are more options and distractions than ever before. You are one of the many options your customer has to choose from.

How do you become their go-to choice?

Unify your efforts with a structured plan and the support to ensure it’s executed.


Get the answers, insights and recommendations needed to take action toward results.


“I met Mariana through LinkedIn. From the very first contact, she has been an open-minded professional, highly interested in learning about other business realities and cultures. She is an up-to-date and savvy digital strategist. I was amazed by Mariana’s ability to give me easy tips to improve my website in a more professional style. Her help was also crucial to build up the English version of my company Ad. But, above all her skills, I’m impressed by Mariana’s generosity and willingness to help.”

Norma Soncini, Head of Qualitative Research at S&A Consumer Research

Digital marketing Speaker

Educate & Delight

I teach business owners and entrepreneurs about online marketing and digital opportunities.

Using humor and analogy bombs, I make digital concepts digestible and actionable.

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