Attract. Engage. Convert. Nurture.

Turn Strangers into repeat customers
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01. Attract

Get people coming to your company across the web and in person.

02. Engage

Help your audience get to know your business, answer their questions and solve their problems.

03. Convert

“Show me the money,” as Jerry McGuire would say. Make it really easy for people to do business with you.

04. Nurture

Support and nurture your customers to keep them coming back for more.

My Customer Conversation Architecture™ framework supports your customers and guides them from innocent bystanders to your biggest fans.

How am i different?

Big Picture Thinking That Provide Clarity & Focus

I am passionate about the entire customer journey and helping companies create a clear path to repeat business.

When your company can consistently deliver positive customer experiences across the many touchpoints, you won’t just have them coming back for more, you’ll have them promoting and referring your company.

When you support the customer, you support your business.

Know Thy Customer

Do you really know your customers? You must understand their motivations and expectations.

Understand The Journey

The customer journey is not continuous or a straight line. Where are your customers coming from?

Think Big

The customer landscape is vast and littered with pothole, pitfalls, and quicksand. Clear the way for people to buy from you.

Strategy Wins

Knowledge is only powerful if you use it. Use my framework to plan, execute, improve and innovate. Your customers with thank you.

Work with me

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Connecting with customers is easier than it has ever been and harder than it has ever been. There are more variables and distractions than ever before. You are one of the many options your customer has to choose from.

How do you become their go-to choice?

Unify your efforts with a structured plan to Attract, Engage, Convert, and Nurture.


When you need strategy or advice sooner rather than later. Work 1:1 with me to get answers, insights and recommendations.

Customer Conversation Architecture™

A customer-centric framework for companies with big plans for growth.


Helping business owners understand the role digital plays in the customer experience and how it impacts growth.


“I met Mariana through LinkedIn. From the very first contact, she has been an open-minded professional, highly interested in learning about other business realities and cultures. She is an up-to-date and savvy digital strategist. I was amazed by Mariana’s ability to give me easy tips to improve my website in a more professional style. Her help was also crucial to build up the English version of my company Ad. But, above all her skills, I’m impressed by Mariana’s generosity and willingness to help.”

Norma Soncini, Head of Qualitative Research at S&A Consumer Research

Customer Experience matters

The Numbers Don’t Lie

“89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.”
– RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report

“95% of consumers talk about poor customer service experiences with other people.”
– American Express


Leave After Poor Experience


Share Poor Customer Experiences

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