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I create a business success  rooted in your business model and online opportunities. 

There’s a lot that you could be doing, but we’ll focus on what will yield the greatest return, plus help you put the plan in motion. 

Coffee Talk

We start with a conversation.

I want to learn about your unique business challenges, customers, and growth goals.

You’ll leave with more clarity about your online efforts.

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A Customized Plan

You’ll get a road map, with directions to take advantage of opportunities and overcome obstacles.

We’ll align online and offline effort to attract more of your ideal clients and generate more sales.

Act. Measure. Grow.

This isn’t a Plan-It-And-Forget-It solution.

Over 6-months, we’ll stop wasting resources on tactics and marketing that don’t work.

Instead, we’ll focus on actions that produce profits.

How Do I Know If I Need a Digital Strategy Consultant?

What is Digital Strategy Consultant?

A digital strategy consultant provides a strategic business answer to a digital question, often as part of an overall business strategy. 

To put it more simply, I get businesses crystal clear on how to leverage online efforts to make more money.

How Do I Know if a Digital Strategy Consultant Is Right for Me?

If you’ve wasted time and money on marketing that isn’t working or want to make sure you’re investing in a system designed for your success, we should talk. 

I focus on what will work for your business, not what has worked for others. 

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No. I also work with new business owners and start-ups. 

I look for businesses with growth mindsets, focused on creating conversations online to connect with more of the people they serve.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?


Creating a strategy that doesn’t get implemented is a waste, which is the opposite of what we’re trying to achieve. 

I support you, your team as you put the plan in motion. 

I don’t disappear after the strategy delivery, and that’s why my minimum engagement is 6-months. 

About Mariana Norton

Digital Strategy Consultant

I’ve been described as a cross between a digital detective and an online marketing therapist.

For over 20 years, I’ve been helping businesses grow by making the most of online opportunities.

Businesses have so many options for connecting with prospects and customer online, but the right way to do this is different for every business.

I put the right pieces together to form unique plans focused on simplicity, and results.

I do this while frequently refueling with coffee. ☕

What People I’ve Worked With Say About Working With Me

“Mariana is an astute business strategist who offers game-changing direction in a warm, approachable and roundly supportive way.”

Mariana is an up-to-date and savvy digital strategist. I was amazed by Mariana’s ability to give me easy tips to improve my website in a more professional style. Her help was also crucial to build up an English version of one of my company ads. But, above all her skills, I’m impressed by Mariana’s generosity and willingness to help.

Norma Soncini

Head of Qualitative Research, S&A Consumer Research

Mariana is an astute business strategist who offers game-changing direction in a warm, approachable and roundly supportive way. Her guidance is clear, on point, and eminently doable–you leave the consult feeling empowered, not overwhelmed. I was amazed by the number of nailed-it ideas she offered me in just one 45 minute session. If you’re a service provider or B2B business owner looking to get more sales with less stress, Mariana is a priceless resource.

Michal Eisikowitz


Digital Strategy Application Call

During this FREE call, we’ll dig into the challenges you’re facing and uncover growth opportunities.

We’ll also know if we’re a good fit and how to best move forward.

You’ll leave with more clarity and direction. 

Are you ready?

Yes. I want more clarity.