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Hi, I’m Mariana.

Digital Strategy Consultant

The best way to get to know me is to spend some time with me over a cup of coffee, but this is a good start.

Mariana Norton – My Story

I’ve walked the walk along the customer journey and have experience at every stage. I’ve excelled at sales, customer service, support, and marketing.

The evolution of digital has given me endless opportunities to learn and grow. It started when I taught myself how to program back when the web was young. As the internet became a viable growth opportunity, I helped businesses carve out their space in this new marketplace.

A lot has changed since dial-up and BASIC, but good creating a great customer experience is still good business. It’s more important now than it’s ever been and I’m passionate about helping businesses understand how to do this online.

I am not afraid to ask questions or find answers.

With a network of professionals to draw from, I not only design a scalable plan, but I can also align businesses with the professionals to execute it if needed.

I live in Alberta, Canada with my husband, two mostly loveable kids, one Brittany Spaniel, a hedgehog, and two horses.

“Mariana is a strategic thinker completely focused on helping companies grow.”

Why Work With Me?

I am know as the Analogy Bomber.

My superpower is taking complex ideas and simplifying them to only the essence of what needs to be understood – and then creating a plan with actionable steps.

I understand all the things you COULD be doing but guide you to what you SHOULD be doing to make more money and grow.

Educate & Entertain

I teach business owners and entrepreneurs about online marketing and digital growth opportunities. 

Using humor and analogy bombs, I make even the most complex digital concepts digestible and actionable.

Get the results you know are possible…


More Leads

Reduce Confusion

More Sales

Repeat Customers


Boost Brand Awareness

Stop The Waste

Happier Clients


Increase Confidence

T-Rex Wrestling

I am so passionate about helping businesses grow, I’m willing to take on a T-Rex…with my bare hands.

Want my passion focused on growing your business?