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I connect customer experience to your business strategy to create continual growth.

I get to know your customers, examine your competition, fine-tune the customer journey and find unique digital spaces for your business to flourish.


A Glimpse

There are a lot of pieces to any business strategy. Before digital, it was a little easier, but now you need a strategy to ensure you’re using the right pieces in the correct ways. When you use the right pieces you build a bridge between your company and your customers.

Digital Strategy

One stragegy to rule them all.

Content Marketing

Content may be king, but I say the strategy is queen.

Customer Journey Mapping

Where do your customers come from? How do they find you? Where are you losing them?

Market Research

Who are your main competitors? Why do customers choose you? What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Blue Ocean

Is there an untapped area for growth? What is your differentiator?

How to work with me

There are two ways I work with companies.

I work with companies to create opportunities for growth.

I offer a comprehensive solution based on my framework and 1:1 consulting with business owners to address a specific need.

Customer Conversation Architecture™

Bridge the gap between your offering and your customers with this deep dive into your business strategy.


Sometimes you need someone to throw ideas around with and gain a new perspective. My brain + your business = great results!

01. Loss

“91% of customer who had a bad customer experience won’t willing do business with your company again.”
– Glance

02. Retention

“It is 6-7 times more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer.”
– White House Office of Consumer Affairs

03. Consistency

“87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a more consistent experience.”
– Kampyle

How I Do it

My Process

Research & Analysis

Examine your customers, competition, and current strategies, looking for inconsistencies and opportunities.

Roadmap planning

Add, eliminate, enhance and support the structures and systems that bring customers to you, keep them coming back and have them telling their friends about your company.

Execute & Monitor

Support for staff as new processes are put into action.

Goals are established, along with metrics to measure success.

Mariana Norton

A Little Bit About Me

With over 15 years in the digital space, plus experience in sales, customer service, marketing, and support, I’m uniquely qualified to help you.

I am not afraid to ask questions or dig deeper. I come with a network of professionals to draw from, if needed.

  • Professional
  • Knowledgeable
  • Resourceful
  • Creative

I love what I do and am passionate about helping businesses grow.

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